Software Design, Testing & Auditing

Training venues throughout the UK include: London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, York, Carlisle, Newcastle, Sheffield, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Derby, Norwich, Portsmouth, Swansea, Cardiff, Chester.  For overseas training and contracts, please call to discuss your requirements.

A software audit review is a type of software review in which one or more auditors who are not members of the software development organisation conduct an examination of a software process to assess compliance with specifications. During the software testing inspection, the documents are prepared thoroughly by the reviewers before the meeting. It also involves peers to examine the product. Software auditing is an important procedure in all organisations, that may be include the following factors like, verify compliance of standards, to solve process related problems, ensure continued reliability of the process and improve the testing process.

Various companies perform audit testing process for many reasons, such as verifiable controls for quality assurance, finding problems caused by the complexity of certain projects, new business partnership between companies and improvement of internal resources, etc. Software auditing also keeps testing and quality assurance on track. Quality auditing process conducted by the quality assurance and quality control departments of a company. They are actively involved in planning and scheduling audit programs around a recurring schedule.

We know that auditing is just an inspection process, there are some operations to perform the audit software testing such as examining the testing processes, analysing the process, etc. The audit management software that provides the flexibility to enhance all types of audit processes, that including internal audits, operational audits, supplier audits, IT audits, and quality audits.

Software Design, Testing & Auditing

Agile: An Approach to Managing Development Projects - 2 days
Agile Project Management with Scrum - 2 days
User Requirements: Eliciting, Analysing, Documenting and Managing
User Experience (UX) Analysis and Design - 3 days
Design Patterns - 2 days
Designing and Implementing Distributed Service Based Architectures
XML for Web Service Testers - 2 days

Test Automation and Test Driven Development - 4 days
Unit Test Automation - 2 days
UML Analysis and Design - 3 days
Software Quality Management - 3 days
Software Testing Methodologies & Frameworks (STMF) - 3 days
Software Auditing for Quality Assurance (SAQA) - 3 days

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